How important is the gym body?


I read a lot. My iPad and myself are best of friends.  I read news, advice columns, home stuff, mostly everything about life. Now I also read a couple of gay blogs and gay websites like   I also have some great friends, some are single and we couples maybe live precarious with the singles.

Now it seems that a lot of the gays guys are also gym addicts. The pressure to have the perfect body. I am not complaining. It’s great eye candy, I myslef am not a stranger with gyms.  I actully do exercise cycling and just starting with a running group.

Now being in a relationship for many years (11 plus), I cannot relate to dating at all. I admit this, and William and myslef do not go to clubs, bars etc at all. So we completely alienated from the gay scene, out of choice. Not that we have not had our fair share of partying when we were single and as a couple.

William is tall, I am short legged. And William has a big frame. Very well proportioned.  When we met he was thinner and did have a flatter stomach as did I. Over the years he has gained some weight maybe 15 kg, I have great genes and my weight still remains pretty much the same. So how important is the body? I am still very much attracted to the physical William. The extra weight actully does not change how I see William or how I emotionally am attracted. I still like seeing him naked. The butt may be better, but then I find it very attractive and it’s more of his physical presence that makes me skip a heart beat.

So my question is, must we all strive for the perfect 6 pack, biceps that you cannot keep you eyes off, the Perfect Gym body. A healthy body that is looked after and weight that is “normal”, a good diet and an overall balanced lifestyle.

Sure I sometime wish William looked like the David Gandy. But looks can be deceiving.




5 thoughts on “How important is the gym body?

  1. Nice post! You’ve answered your question with your life with William, and your answer is what I think it is all about. Sure, we all love to look at perfect abs, but even for those guys who achieve this aging changes our bodies. For me, it’s more important to have a balanced life, a healthy diet and exercise routine, and to continue looking good as we grow older – and to accept that we age. Good for you an William that you continue to see each other’s beauty through all the changes that come with time. That’s happiness man!!!!

  2. A lot of celebrity bodies have that sense of unrealness, I prefer the imperfect attainable body of a real person. Excercise and body image are like a lot of things, good in moderate perspective, but taken too far isn’t so good. I think gay or straight, somethings remain the same.

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