Road trip.


The weekend we did a road trip, a long road trip for a weekend I may say.

We were invited to one of Williams family who live on a farm, 6 hours away by car. Williams whole family immediate and others were going to be all there for lunch Saturday. Due to work and other commitments we could not leave on Friday. So at 3am Saturday we headed out for the road. For a change William drove. He is not a fan of driving, but it was the first time we were using his new car for a good drive.

Now the fun thing about road trips are stopping for the coffee and hoping it’s half decent. And the talking that we do. The open road and not much more to do.

Was a great one. His extended family have not all met me, but a greater reception I could not have asked for. As conservative as we may have thought they may have been, equally wrong we where. That’s the challenge with William being from the country, we seldom met his extended family as they still in the country as well. His cousins I have met were amazing and the other cousins are just plain down  to earth great people. They all love each other immensely, and this was so evident. Was a great day.

The one challenge that we did face was were we would stay the Saturday night. We did not want to offend anybody by declining the invite to stay so we just left it. We make a reservation at a small guesthouse close by, just in case.  Ended up we stayed with Williams aunt, a uncle and his cousins. Let me just point out that William does not like staying in other people houses.

We only went to bed in the early hours of Sunday morning. Turns out William is still very much the country boy. We laughed and had so much fun, and I might add some at my expense me being the City Boy. We decided to leave after breakfast, thinking it would be a very uneventful morning.  All the family and extended family from Saurtdays lunch joined us for breakfast. William was actully very overwhelmed but this and the goodbyes were bitter sweet.

Williams car was packed with lots of treats from his family. And close to midday we made our way home. I drove home and William eventually went to sleep. Life cannot get better than this.


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