William the protector.


Relationships evolve over time. People change and we should also change with time

When William and I first met he was very shy and slightly self-conscious. He is still shy however he is more confident and more comfortable with himself. One thing that has changed is William’s behaviour towards me. He is very protective of me. He will keep the cats away from me when I am sleeping. He makes sure that our cars are always serviced, the tyres are at the right pressure. William always make sure all ours accounts are paid and the insurances etc are always up to date. Now that may be what he enjoys doing, but it’s more. He looks after me and in his way is very protective of me. I am still a very independent, sometimes difficult person. However I am never disrespecting of William or his family. I have mentioned before, the one thing that I find very attractive about William (besides his butt) are his manners. Manners make a man.

William is protective on me in ways I never really noticed, until the last couple of months. We both take care of each other, but William always tries to keep me out of harms way. He will protect me from the ugliness of my brothers. He keeps me safe and always make sure I am safe at home and when we out. He gets concerned when I am not home when I should be.  Now this is not on the point of being obsessive. It’s actully so natural, and caring.   I am a very traveler and William has adapted to this and always just remain very calm and never allows me to get all rage filled or have a meltdown. He keeps me calm.

In summary, relationships are complex and you need to treasure what you have if its a good one, and you get surprises all the time.  Ivan





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