Short men are Sexy!


I am short, I am challenged by not having long legs. Well that has not stopped me from living.

Yes being short legged has causes some situations, like being ignored in a crowd. I am about 5’5. But this has never stopped me or made my counsious of my height, or lack of height. And yes we are not noticed at first.

So many people associate being tall with being strong, powerful, dominant, aggressive, healthy and energetic, which is anything but true of all tall people.  Being short, I actully was an excellent athletic. I was a champion at short distance, and despite short legs I proved it at the finishing line. I was mocked as being the team mascot, until I did track and was usually in the top three.

This gave me lots of confidence and made me a very determined person.  I was the youngest child and the shortish, this never effected my voice. The perception that short people are unable to talk and mentally challenged is a myth. I could be almighty arrogant and cocky, this has manifested into me being very confident, yet still very humble. My parents taught us the lesson of being humble and treating people with respect. And this I still do. I am actully very shy and self conscious when I have to talk  in meetings etc.  and that has nothing to do with being short.

Short men can be very sexy. We cannot put on extra weight like our taller brothers, as then we may look chubby. We may not have the model look, we may not get noticed at first, but we are sexy when you get to know us. We are lovable, well proposioned, the life of most parties.  And the believe that only tall men are packing the heat if you get my drift is not always true, and that has nothing to do with height.

There’s power in being short. It doesn’t matter how far you are from the ground, when you stand tall, think tall, and live your life large, you will overpower the tallest of the pack. LIVE LARGE!

Ivan  ( the 5’5 blogger )



6 thoughts on “Short men are Sexy!

  1. Short men are VERY sexy!! Or as I like to call them, guys my height since I’m only 5’6″ myself. There’s always been that misconception that if you’re tall then you must be more of a man, but I’ve known some tall guys who were absolute dicks… Us shorter guys may need to try a bit harder to be heard, but when we roar we’re heard loud and clear.

    Oh and by the way, you can be short and chubby AND sexy. It’s all a matter of perspective and respective tastes in men. 😉

    Martin – the 5’6″ chubby blogger

  2. Well, I am right there with you. I’m only 5’6″ also, and I have never had any issues or felt slated in any way. Plus I have always dated very handsome guys, because they think I’m cute, so we have the cute factor to our advantage. But when I did drag, I used to wear almost 6″ heels, so…..I have been tall too!!!! And wearing those things really built my legs up!

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