Dating someone from a small town


William is from a small town, I was born and grew up in the city.

Now before you all make any judgement, let me explain what is it to date a “country boy”.

Growing up in a city we tend to be very independent, harder souls, and have a tough attitude. However a person growing up in a small town has a charm and a certain naivety about themselves. They never forget their roots. I hope the city does not take that away from you. Toughen your skin not your heart.

A small town has a small community, the city can make us very mindful of our business and not so caring to others. Now I am not saying we must meddle in other folks affairs , it’s just that William has a sense of community and is a more caring soul.

The city also teachers you to define true friend and pure acquaintances. It’s a hard lesson however the sooner we get past the reality of this, the better we are as people. William is still friends with many of the people he went to school with, neighbours etc. for me do we truly value people for all they are.

William taught me a valuable lesson, in a small town you don’t have to compete as much as we do in a city. William has made an amazing success with his profession. He had done it in his own without the small community that would have given him an opportunity. In the city he had to make it all happen on his own. Success rewards the brave.

I have taken a lot for granted, now having less options, opportunities, choices, so I have learnt that what the city has must never be taken for granted. And that lesson also applies to life in general.  Treasure what you have and grab life by the horns and live it.

A country boy will always be that. Don’t try to change that, as that’s actully what charm William has and that’s who he is. I cannot change that and don’t.

William always wanted to live in a city, and he adopted our city with ease. He is a gently soul, a quiet person, but never allowed that to stop him living his life in the city.

Date a country boy, I highly recommend it.  Ivan





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