Do we stay in a relationship for GREAT sex!




Great sex isn’t the same as chemistry and having a bond, connection to someone.

Now sex does have a power over us. We are men after all. Now great sex, well that’s like been James Bond, you have all the power. What more do we need. Well actully a lot more. Sex is short term and only a part of a realtionship which actually has a lot more factors. You cannot base a relationship on sex if you actully don’t like that person. Have no common interests or have the same plan and vision for life. When it comes to our future and life together, sex is not important. What is important is the emotional, spiritually, and special connection we have with that one person.  Love in all forms.

Now don’t get me wrong sex is amazing and GREAT sex is well, orgasmic. You can have a great realtionship with someone but the sex is bad, and I mean bad. So what’s the answer.

We get very confused as when we having sex the world stops, the earth moves and we not present in our real life, our problems, our barking dogs, our noisy neighbours. We are in a trance, we euphoric with hormones. Now that cannot be the basis for life. We all live in the real world. It’s the after the hormonal ecstasy , that is important. It has to be healthy and you have to want to be with that person.

The  same goes for great sex and a bad realtionship. Can we  balance this, I don’t think so. But being men we do sometimes think with our penis. That may work for a short period, however your heart needs to be loved. Great sex with no love will not result in a good relationship long term. And that I can attest to.

Should we stay in a realtionship because of the sex, sex lasts as long as it lasts. But the emotional love last forever.  We all deserve to be loved, and hopefully great sex as well.

I’m all for good sex, but there comes a time when you need to stop thinking about your penis and start thinking about yourself. What is worth more to you?



2 thoughts on “Do we stay in a relationship for GREAT sex!

  1. There definitely needs to be a balance between how great the sex is and the personal connection between you. Sometimes I think I’d be happy with ok sex as long as there was an amazing connection. . Because that connection is what will move that relationship, not the sex.

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