Same-Sex Domestic violence is silence.


We read of violence in relationships, usually women and children being beaten, violated, or worse killed. Same-sex realtionships are not except from this. In fact we too silent on this. Woman to are amazed to admit they were attached by another woman, men are taught to be strong and be silent.

Gay men can be perceived to have lots of drama in a relationship. Drama is drama, abuse is unacceptable and actully shunned from society. Mainly due to our own silence.

Many teens are bullied, many adults are also bullied. Nobody deserves this. I mean nobody irrespective of who they are. Why would we then get into a relationship to be bullied, assaulted, harmed, hit and beaten. Sometimes this is due to to alcohol, drugs being used and that is why the violence happens. It’s still not acceptable.

Saying sorry in the morning is not the cure, usually domestic violence is a pattern and not a once off. Then why do people stay. I have no answers. Maybe the reality that they have a place to sleep and are not financially capable of leaving. I have more questions than answers.

William is a lot bigger than me, he is taller ( well most people are taller than me), and when he was drinking he did become a crazy person. I think we all know how too much alcohol can change people. He was only violent once, and it was not against me. It was because of me. Lots of alcohol was involved, I was talking to some guy at a party and William went into a rage. He thought I was chatting this guy up. It’s scared me. And in true William’s style during the drinking, he did not recall it at all.

I can become very angry and frustated, but the only violent behaviour I have done, is punching the sound systems speaker. Not my best moment. So we all cannot control our actions and be that so cool in control person. But we should not hit or be hit by our partners.  Ivan.


6 thoughts on “Same-Sex Domestic violence is silence.

  1. So true Ivan. Being in a same sex relationship I have been fortunate in finding someone who is gentle and kind. We are not perfect by any means and we do have our arguments but that is par for the course when you’ve been with the same person over 20 years. Communication while drunk is always never a good move. Thank you for posting this. Fabien

  2. I think it’s natural to get upset or lose one’s cool over situations, but it’s all about how you deal with it in the end… drunk or sober. If things do get physical or violent between a couple in whatever capacity, then each have a responsibility to look at their actions.. and no, that’s not saying the victim of the violence is to blame in any sense, because they’re not. They need to look at how the abuse affects them and choose how to approach their relationship going forward.. even it means walking away for their own safety.

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