Imperfections (Relationships 6:1) the way I see it.


Nobody is perfect. Accept that your partner will make mistakes, has imperfections and won’t always be at his or her best. Neither will you! Don’t expect your partner to be a perfect relationship machine. Nobody is born with expert relationship skills and we all have bad days.

So when you first start dating we act very differently from who we are. We overly well mannered, we actully acting in some part. Fast forward a year or two and then you are more yourself and so is your partner. Then you wake up one morning and have a mental meltdown because your partner has left his or her shoes lining around. Now this has happened on many occasions but you suddenly react. Your perfection are your partners imperfections.

William discovered many traits about myself in the first two years of our relationships. One being my depression and just wanting to remain in bed. Over time he managed to accept this and deal with this part of me. He actully now accepts this and we speak very openly about this. I am no longer embarrassed about my depression. I embrace it and deal with it knowing that William has my back but also that he will not allow me to take a self pity party.

In any relationship with time we see the cracks in ourself and our partners. They flaws but make who we are, we all no perfect. Now this is not the same as repeating bad behaviour and causing halm to the ones we love.  As long as your intentions are honorable and without ill intent you should be good.

Excepting our own imperfections and trying to be a better person in your relationship is healthy. What is unhealthy is using your hurtful behaviour and deliberate actions to halm or hurt the one you love, and then saying “well that’s who I am, accept it”. Being  in any form of relationship, means being vulnerable and showing who you are, warts and all. You have to be accepted for who you are, but treat your partner proper and accept who they are.

No relationship is perfect, but think about this, do you enjoy being with your partner when it’s just the two of you?  Accept each other, don’t be that nagging person whe all dread being around.  Our imperfections do make us the individuals  we are, and deserve to be loved for that.



2 thoughts on “Imperfections (Relationships 6:1) the way I see it.

  1. Very well put, my friend. There’s no such thing as ‘perfection’, so why do we all continue to strive for it? Our imperfections are what make us.. well, us! It’s what makes us unique, and without that uniqueness we wouldn’t have attracted that partner to begin with. Embrace our differences and just be ourselves from the start.. it’ll be refreshing and ultimately more meaningful.

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