12 thoughts on “Ibiza.

      1. We both are actully very shy and William is an introvert. In general we stay away from crowds. I also did not like been naked in public. Strange. However at home it’s okay to walk around naked when I do. Usually when I have had a swim or a jacuzzi or a bath. But I then get clothed. Ivan.

      2. I understand you. There is something liberating about walking around the house naked. I must try being naked in a jacuzzi, how does that feel?

      3. I cannot actually get into a jacuzzi, hot tub clothed. You feel very restricted by your shirts. With jets and air jets it amazing to relax. You soon get use to the water. I strongly recoomend this. Obviously not in public. Ivan.

      4. Thanks for the advice. My sex life is pretty standard really, I feel the need to spice it up and become a real ladies man. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done sexually before?

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