History (Relationship 1:5) the way I see it.


Don’t let your past or the past of your partner spoil what you have now. If you’ve been hurt in relationships before it doesn’t mean it’ll happen with your current partner. Don’t make his or her life harder because someone hurt you once. Perhaps your boy or girlfriend has had lots of partners before you but don’t assume that they are fickle or incapable of monogamy. People can change. Go into a new relationship with a clean slate.

So we all have baggage in some way or another, it may be from our childhood, past realtionship. But it’s baggage. It’s also a part of who we are we cannot change the past, we can change how we view the past in the present. Did we learnt from our past?

My history, specifically in relationships is very simple, betrayed and been cheated on. So I had an issue about trust and that I carried that into the relationship with William. My past was blocking my future. With time I actully realised that we all have history, and that does not define us. Do not allow that the past to be your present.

Williams history actully has noting to do with me, it’s all about who he is. I must let go of his past and see who he is today. You may ask what was his history, well he was a player since a young age. He never embraced commitment. And then I arrived.

I was so busy worrying about his past, that I could not see that he actully  wanted to be with me and was intensely serious and for use of a word was “besotted, obsessed” In the early days of our realtionship. And been  this insecure, slightly older scared person, I was afraid of the future.

When you know your own history, try and I cannot stress this more, don’t repeat the same mistakes, same pattern. Embrace the past so that your today is filled with endless opportunities.


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