Intimacy (sex) Relationship 1:3. They way I see it.


Sex is a pleasurable and natural part of life. It can strengthen the bond between people within a relationship, and is an expression of the strong emotional and physical desire felt by both for the other. These feelings are the same for everyone, gay or straight. Sexual thoughts and acts are nothing to feel ashamed of or guilty about. They are nature’s way of bringing people together.

In a realtionship sex should play a major part, as I see it. Now to explain this let me make it clear that I am in a very monogomius, one on one only  realtionship. For me I battled initially with sex as for me sex equaled guilt, shame, and I can gladly say I no longer feel this was.

Now what I belive sex is so important is that you have to trust the person you with, be able to be naked and proud with that person and above all be comfortable and able to talk about sex. Now sex is not just doing the deed, it’s so much more. It’s being intimate with your partner, sharing each other thoughts, holding hands, and saying you love that person. When I was on the flight back from parents, I felt very intimate and connected to William . We hardly spoke, but just the fact that he was next to me, made me feel safe, loved and appreciated. Intimacy is very important any relationship and so is sex.

Being together for 11 plus years, we have times when we had less sex, and times we acted like hormonal teenager. Times one person needs were more than the others. That’s all normal. You also in. Y view, must make an effort. Look after yourself, your body, your hair, your entire self. There is nothing more off putting than someone who has not brushed his or her teeth, bathed and is just a slob. Not sexy.

You may laugh when I say effort. Well think about wearing some sexy underwear, trimming your hair down under,  being more attentative, making a romantic date. Effort can also show your partner that you not taking anything for granted. Do not get into a rut, a routine when being intimate. Yes life happens sometimes and we all have responsibilities and challenges in our lives. Work on all aspects of your relationships, and never take anything granted. A thank you, and that spontaneous hug and cuddle maybe all that we need to know we still loved.

The biggest challenge I think we can all relate to to being found attractive and being a sexual person. And this also applies to how we see our partner. William has a great butt, and over the years has picked up some weight. I still find him very attractive and to me his hands are very  sexy. The way he hold his coffee cup, the  way he touches me and holds me. William is a shy person, however with me he is a confident person and his true self. It’s taken a long time for us to get to this stage. For many years William slept with a shirt and shorts, nowadays he is comfortable enough and confident enough to sleep naked. And I mean sleep.

With time and longevity with our relationship we have better sex, we know each other better and can talk about sex. We not into S&M, threesomes, etc. now all to their own. In fact William battles to have sex outside of the bedroom, what can I say he is officially a Country Boy Nerd. And I would not want anything else.

Work on all aspects of your relationship and as great as sex may be, it’s only one part of the puzzle that is called a relationship.




6 thoughts on “Intimacy (sex) Relationship 1:3. They way I see it.

      1. Interesting. I always have to have a duvet or blanket over myslef so I can sleep. I feel the cold, when the fridge is opened , the Aircon unit is on, the bath does not have hot steaming water. All to our own and this makes us all who we are as individuals. Ivan.

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