Romance (Relationship 1:2) the way I see it


Romance and attentiveness don’t have to stop the moment you get together. It’s good to regularly show your partner how much you care about him or her so that they don’t feel taken for granted. Be tender and thoughtful: a surprise gift, a home-cooked meal or an evening out. It makes a person feel wanted and loved. It’s hard work and unsustainable if only one partner is making an effort. Be sure not to become lazy in a relationship.

Now romance does not equal sex. The two may be linked. Being romantic can take many forms. To me it’s not always the planned Date night we have Friday’s. It’s sometimes just leaving a post-it next to the coffee you made saying something real corny, or just a smiley face.

For me Romance is thinking about William and not myslef, doing something special and unexpected. For William I can get him a great shirt, a chocolate, a bottle of aftershave, or washing his car. It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s more about the gesture and the effort I put into this.  Maybe that’s the mystery solved. Effort and working at your relationship.

We all have our off days, but being complainant and not treating your partner in the way we expect, and deserve to be respected. Romance and making time for ones partner is crucial to keep any relationship moving forward in a healthy way. We all hopefully grew up and get wiser with age, don’t allow this make you and your partner to outgrow each other.

Why when we single, search for a realtionship, yet when we finally with something special, we stop working on this realtionship. Romance is not dead, romance is also not only Valentine’s Day. It should be every day.



NEXT blog on realtionships will be about sex, sex and maybe some more sex.

4 thoughts on “Romance (Relationship 1:2) the way I see it

  1. Wow. I did not expect that. It is so difficult to get to the point of a relationship for older men like me- everyone already together with another or wretchedly cynical. Nonetheless it is nice to read about what I remember being the most elemental parts of my past relationships. Lovely. Cheers.

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