No Drama. (Relationship 1:1) the way I see it.


Now you find your ideal parner, and now what?

Some people thrive on arguments and dramatic emotional outpourings but drama is a poor way to resolve problems or express discontent within relationships. It might make you feel important and the centre of attention but it’s actually a very childish way of communicating your feelings. Screaming and rolling around inconsolably on the floor might have got you jelly beans when you were three but you’re an adult now. This isn’t an audition for a some play, this is your relationship so treat it with respect.

The word Drama Queen could apply very apply to gay relationships, pun intended but to all relationships.

Whats the point in getting all upset at the check-out counter when they cannot scan your packet of whatever because the code is not visible. All you going to do is attract undo attention and upset people unnecessary. Now some people Thrive and I reiterate THRIVE on drama. To me what’s the point in always attracting attention and making it seem that you are the most important person and people must bow down to your trivial challenges. I am talking about the small stuff and also some of the big stuff.

In any relationship we need less drama if any, more communication adult to adult as its about time to be an adult and realize you not the only person in this world. Respect and a calm loving relationship. Unnecessary drama will chip away the healthy to become toxic and to me that’s no way to live you live. Now this is how I see it.

Cherish  your relationship, less drama more compromise and above all more love and respect.

This hopefully will become a regular post from me on, “how I see realtionships”. IVAN

5 thoughts on “No Drama. (Relationship 1:1) the way I see it.

      1. Your posts are always good and very perceptive. You and William seem so ideal for one another, I hope I can find the right girl for me in the future.

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