DIY at home.


We have lived in this house for nearly 9 years.  I have wanted to sell for a good 2 years. So this has caused some disagreements. So while we were with my family we looked at many other houses when we went walking. We looked at the gardens, walls, colours, and this gave me a whole new perspective of our house.  Compromise.  My reasons for selling were selfish.

We decided to repaint all of the interior doors, this has made the whole house seem lighter and gives that clean clinical look we both like. We replaced the blinds in the bathrooms, and kitchen as well as new curtains in our bedroom and the one guest bedroom. Went for a very neutral colour. William tackled the garden next to the drive way and cleared all the overgrown garden.  We also are now going to replace a number of our windows with new ones, some will now be doors leading to the outside areas.

I now see this house with new eyes and it’s a damn nice house and our home.  Ivan


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