Our New Year’s Eve !


Happy 2016 all.  We have both not big huge fans of NYE, and we proved this last night. We had a busy day doing things at home that needed to be fixed, and generally have not had the time to do.

We were both pretty tired, but showered and shaved and made a great meal together. Lamb chops, William’s potato bake and some grilled veggies.  We both were yawning away at 9:30. Seems like the last two weeks had caught up with us. Neadless  to say  we were both fast asleep before 10. We did not hear out neighbours who had their annual NYE party, with about 40 guests.

I woke up at about 5 this morning, only because our one cat wanted to go outside. I then realised that some of the neighbours guests were only just leaving. Glad we were not invited, we would have been the non-life of the party.

William slept until nearly 9 this morning.  So much for a romantic night at home, we can do it again tonight, the romantic date thing.!


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