William survived the holidays.


William survived the holidays and my family. We had to catch a 4 hour flight to my family, and then a 2 hour drive to my parents home.  Luckily William did get some new pants before we left. He has gained some weight and it shows on his ass and tummy.

We had a good flight but the airport was buzzing with people. Not the best time to travel, but we had fun. Was strange to sleep in my parents home on my old bed. Luckily we had tye quiet bedroom in the house. My brother visited and his two children stayed with us for the holidays.  The absolutely adore William, and so does my Mom. William towers over her. The holidays were good and we all had a great time.

On Christmas Day we had the traditional lunch with lots of food. More than enough food. I actully made one killer leg of lamb, a gammon, and no turkey. We have stopped making the traditional turkey as none of us like it, besides my Dad. Was a good day.

We did all venture to the beach close by and all walked alone the beachfront. My nephew had his selfie-stick and this resulted in us all having selfies taken with some bizarre pictures been taken. Was good seeing my family as our relationship has been strained of late. William chatted to my brother and Dad  at length about his new car. Seems that he has scored some points with them.

William actully had a great time with my family, as they are very different from his. But with my Mom always wanting to hug him it all worked out well, except for when my sister walked on in William getting out the shower. The two guest bedrooms share a bathroom with interleading doors. Not sure who got more surprised.

The flight home was not a good one as we had turbulence for a good part of the flight, but we home safe.

image And I was stalked while getting dressed.


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