Our bed is so much more!


I can post pictures of butts, Williams sometimes, and some posts with just good eye candy. However I actually am a very serious person and maybe that why I do what I do professionally. I take life rather seriously most times.

This is one of those posts.

While making the bed on Sunday morning, I stopped and just looked at our bed. It’s more than a bed. It’s actually a place I’d rest and sleep the end of our day, and the beginning  of our day. Initially William and myslef battled to share a bed to sleep together.  I sleep on my side and prefer to have a duvet over me, William not so. I get cold at night. We are so different. That’s maybe the reason we are together, we both very individual people. We have many differences, I prefer white linen, William sleeps with three pillows.

Now when I looked at this bed, I saw how time has gone by so fast, 11 years and a couple of months. And here we are today, not sure how we got to were we are. Love, acceptance, perseverance, changing what we can, and forgetting the small stuff. It’s now so natural for us to know what side of the bed is ours. Mine is the right, William has a ritual with the pillows. This is our life together.

We have faced challenges, some that I would not wish upon anyone. Faced the demons, faced the Angels that protect us. William remains the person I first met, yet he is so much more today. And when I glances at our bed, I realize that it’s just us. The two of us. That’s all we need.

When the day is done, all I need is not always the same as what I WANT. Ambition is good, but in my life what I thought I was looking for in a relationship was values more than anything else. Honestly, loyalty and someone who could accept me and challenge me to be a better person.

My ambitious have come with huge sacrifice, I often wonder how different life could have been had I chosen another path. Would my bed be dented only on the one side. No one to share my life with.

And as I stood looking at our bed I got very emotional, tears swelled up. I stood back and like a spectator at a sports game, observed my own life. Do I take what I have for granted, do I realize how good, great my life is. It’s calm, without drama, content, and not complacent. It’s taken plenty of time, obstacles and me learning to say sorry when I have done wrong, to get here.

And in this bed, we may not always agree, I may get angry, William may get impatience with my many questions, but it’s home. Our home.

I had dreams about meeting someone, I had images of how he may look, a checklist of qualities, and then I was send William. Someone out in this universe knows what’s better for me.



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