Procrastination! And Lazy Sunday’s. 

I usually am awake well before William. He is the sleepy one in our relationship, well kind of. He can sleep in and I mean sleep and not just lie in. Last night we had a late evening, well late for us. So I was up early and  grabbed a coffee, my Ipad and caught up on my emails. 

We had arranged with the dealership to collect the papers for Williams new car this morning. Neadless to say I went alone to collect them. William was in a deep sleep. 

Was the first time I was able to drive the new car alone. Unless my car, you sit higher and all I can say is this is a great car to drive.
I half expected William to be up when I got home. Even the cats were asleep on the bed with him when I got home. Eventually They all got out of bed and we jumped into the spa bath for a couple hours. Great lazy day.
One of Williams characteristics is that he can procrastinate, example the papers for the new car could have been collected during the week. Today I asked about something very insignificant, answer I got was, “will decide later”. That’s just William.  Still like his butt that may be getting slightly rounder and wider since we first met.  Ivan.image

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