Lets talk about sex, baby!!!


Now this is how I see it, so don’t judge me.  Why do we find it so difficuly to talk about sex, and I am talking about talking with you partner, F-Buddy, or anybody else you are having sex with. I am not talking about the locker room talk, I am referring  to your sexual needs, wants, and in general what you as a sexual person are. Its not about being straight, gay, bi, or any other preference.

If we dont like something or are not comfortable with “50 Shades of S&M, bondage, etc” why do we find it so embarrassing   to talk about this. Or if we are a 50 Shades person, why do we also find it difficuly to vocalize this. Are we all embarrassed  .

William is a very sexual person, however he is actually very shy, so this maybe is why he initially found it difficuly to talk. The first couple of months we were both horny yet awkward. The  physical  appearance of a person in my view has alot to do with how we react sexually towards them. For me it was Williams presence, his height, his hands, his butt, butt, did I mention butt, and Williams shyness. So yes we have to be attracted to each other. Comfortable with each and trust one another.

For me it was partially due to my upbrining, and my nature of getting very uncomfortable when talking about my body. I am short, and for many years never liked my body. I thought I had  a butt that was too big for my height, and my “bulge” was very noticable. Now I am not bragging, or saying mine is bigger than…. You get what I am saying. I have a noticeable package, which I never embraced. In fact I never liked my body and was very uncomfortable being without a shirt or naked.

So back to what I was discussing: Talking about sex. We share very intimate times with our partner yet we find it difficuly to talk about it openly. For me I enjoy sex, yet I choice “vanilla” sex. All to our own. I am not into threesomes, S&M, bondage, etc etc. for me thats not my comfort zone or preference.    And if it was, we should still feel free and able to talk about it. I am A Gay Man who is very comfortable and confident as a sexual man.



Willim and myself have been together 11 plus years. We have had periods when we are less intimate and times when its more frequent. Thats just the way it is. With longevity of a realtionship, and I only talk from my point of view, the BETTER THE SEX YOU HAVE.  Your more passionate, more intimate, and hell its not boring. Thats why I still dont get open realtionships. All to our own. And as the infamous Joan Rivers would have said, Can We Talk!





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