The holidays.



With the holidays approaching we have finalised all out flights, car hire and booked the cats into a place were they will be well looked after. That was more important for William than anything else.

its going to be the first time in many years that we spending the holidays with my family. Usually we are away or I have gone alone. Williams family does not make as much of the holidays as what we do. However his Mom gets very upset if he is not with them. Don’t understand this at all, as its just another day.

We both not practising any religions however we have to respect the belives of our families, and friends. So its going to be a very short visit with very early flights. First flight is at 6 in the morning, and then its 5 hour flight. Long day. However on the way back we will dropping my brothers eldest child at the airport as well. She has a flight that leaves at 6 30 in the morning, so should be fun. William not much of a Christmas  person so lets see how he survives the holidays.  Ivan.

2 thoughts on “The holidays.

  1. The important thing is to enjoy time together. My idea of the holidays is to forget all the bullshit and avoid differences – just focus on what you have in common with your relatives.
    And if that doesn’t work, then there is always a good blowjob.

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