Men in love 



William and myslef have been together nearly 12 years. He was 19 when i meet him and yes I am now in the earky thirties.william turned 30 this year.  Lots has changed in that time, william became sober, we moved to the suburbs. We have two adorable cats who are incredibly loved but also nauthly beyoud the cute naughty stage. Would not have it anyotherwise way. 

The road has not alwys been an easy one but we survived and are actully better than ever before.  We are “not that coulple who walk aroung hand in han” we just you average men who are in a very committed  relationship. Life is good at preesent. We still have our challenges but overall its a very calm, related enjoyable life we have made for ourself. I may have lost some hair, William has gained some wight but we are alos not those people we first meet we are so more developed, patience and respectful to each other. 

Some of our secrets, we both have our own bathrooms, we both have our own space in the house but work very well together.  Williams man cave can be his study with all his toys for boys. 

It works and e work on this daily. William is one of the most decent people i have meet and has manners. 
To all leave men in love, they do not harm others.  Ivan 

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