The dating game.  

I have a couple of gay guys who work in our office park, one is married and the other three are single. We were all talking tye other day about nothing specific and then the one single guy started ranting about “couples”.  Not in a bad way, but how removed we are from the single life and Dating in general. Seems as if you need apps and more apps to meet other single (maybe not all single) men. To me it seems so foreign and  I am truly naive. 

I met William at a very random pub, I was actually meeting a friend for a drink. It was a Monday, and I never though that when I walked in my life would change for ever. So these apps are alien to me, and I do admit that I am so not living in the real world. I feel old, uninformed and above all not that good at understanding my single work mates. 

My question is, is this just hook ups and only to get laid?  

I am not be opinionated, judgmental, or in any way trying to be offensive to anybody. My question is why are these single  guys not finding guys they can date. They all great people, lookers, gym bodies etc. and above all just amazing people. 

Is it that difficult for gay men to meet and date in todays world? 


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