Drunk love :

During the first couple of years in our relationship, their was a secret third party. This was the white elephant, the one we never talked about. The alcohol become more important than I did. I mattered less. 

My reactions were to joing the parties, and when I had had enough the constant fights over alcohol drained me. I eventually gave I.  I could not compete with this force greater than I. William spend many nights that’s ending when the sun was rising with alcohol. It was as if we were in a three way relationship.  Drunk love. The day after we’re never pleasant. My love was strong but my patience had run out. Then on one last bender it all stopped. 

Life has never been the same. The years after William stopped drinking were tough on us both, however we weathered the storm and today I know more and have a huge affliction to any person battling with an addition.  


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