more stereotyped: monogamy is possible!


So I have been reading many articles  that portray many gay relationships as these complex relationships and we don’t always take monogamy seriously.  Seriously. Some of us are no longer these statistics. I know many people in a one on man relations and they have been together from 5 to 12. No discussion on open relations. It’s easier to talk this all though than just try for a new fix. The  Sex maybe “boring” but others standards, however you can change that.  But to all , we all different. In some gay relations the one person of a couple could me more attractive, more of a body of note, just down right cute, sexy. But we have called it exclusive. What the point of looking for something else if it’s not part of the two of you essentailly. William is very shy kind of person. His shyness seems to put people off and then he does worship the ground I walk on. As William is a good looking man, the assumption from other people (gay and straight) is that he will be a player. People do seem to flirt more with good looking people, however what part of no is not understood.

I read an article from a clinically trained therapist who seems to advocate non-monogamous relationships and its expected in the gay community. Firstly it’s difficult enough being gay, and now the assumptions that we are ALL unable to lead healthy lives and contribute to this planet.

Now I am not into a sub-culture within the community. So respect us all. In essence every gay person has struggled along the way to accept who we are. Don’t judge us all and maybe those who want different alternative lives are also worth the same respect we all desire.

We cannot speak on behalf of all.

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