Those irritations we must ignore.


We all have some habits, mannerism that irritate those around us. And so do those close to us.

We are all unique in our own way. And one of biggest challenge in a relationships, is tolerarance and acceptance. William does not pack the dishwasher the way I do. I leave stuff next to my bed, and this for William is a cardinal sin. William detest taking out the garage bags. I on the other hand do not like unpacking that dishwasher.  Yes we both have habits that can irritate each other.

Initially, we would have arguments about some of these things.  Until one day, I asked how important is it! I would get very upset and angry about the small stuff. I now leave Williams bathroom as it is, the way he leaves his toothbrush, aftershave on the counter, is not going change my life. He in turn has this magical quality to flattery ignore me and my strange habits, like when I get up at 3 in the morning to make muffins.

Relationships require work, tolerance and a sense of humor. We are forever changing. So ask yourself how important is it! If the answer is yes then I agree that something needs to be done.


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