Temptations, Lust, Distractions!


We are are all human and have needs, desires, dreams, and someone of us like to be with someone for the long haul. We are not all the same. I have friends who’s interpretations of a relationship is very different from my own. I am the one guy only person. I am very shy, conservative, and lack self confidence in certain aspects of my life.

As we navigate life and see other people, we may have that lust for that person. To me it’s how you react to this. Lust is lust. And what’s the deal with getting laid just as a challenge!  It may be exciting, hormonal, get us to act like a person with no rational thinking. After the challenge is “scored” then what?

Sure sex can be amazing, however for me personally it gets better the longer you are with someone. But it’s not just sex. It’s the familiarity of a person, the comfort of that person witnessing get your life. Now that may sounds boring, routine, static.  Well it not. It’s what you make of it. The honeymoon period is amazing, the. challenge is the day to day.

Sure we do all maybe think about that incredibly sexy young sales executive who is trying to sell us life insurance. Or that very well toned guy at the gym. Do we follow up on these thoughts. If we do it could be that the present relationship is past its expiry date, or we are just not working at it. It’s very unromantic living with someone in the same place. Those domestic chores, the nights your partner keeps you up with his snoring or you are ill and look like the most unsexy, undesirable person on the planet. Romance is overrated when you cleaning the cat box, as is the morning breath.

What to me is very attractive is the contentment and confidence you have together. Walking naked in the morning to make that coffee and you perfectly unaware of it. The familiarity of which side of the bed you each prefer sleeping on.

Yes we may be distracted others, but is that worth more than what you currently have.  When we were away a couple of weeks back we loved being with each other 24/7. That’s taken time to get to that point. And we have a very healthy love life, and we remain monogamous. In the very early years of us being together and after a very alcoholic fueled night out we tried a three some.  The saying too much drinking causes non performance is very true. That was one evening I regret, was chaotic and not for me at all.


William could be very flirty and a tease when he was drinking. Maybe it was the false confidence when alcohol effects your brain. Who knows.  He is still flirty in his nature but remains like me, a very shy person. William will avoid the spotlight, and is one of those people who avoids attention at all costs when he is around others. Sure he does look at people and noticed how the car sales guy was coming on to him, a couple of weeks back when we bought a new car. William actually become very uncomfortable in this situation and very blatantly told this guy that him and I were partners.

We all define life directly and how ever we navigate our life’s, don’t judge and live and let live.  Ivan

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