My childhood home,


As as I child I lived in the same house. I left that house when I went to boarding school. I left that house when I went to study. I left that house finally at 20, never to live their again. I loved that home, I lived in that House my entire childhood.

I could not wait to leave, as all I ever wanted was my own home. I vowed I would never have a house like the one I grew up in. I wanted to live in the sky, I got that apartment. It was so different from the tree filled suburbs I grew up in.

Today I live a couple of streets away from that house I grew up in. My family sold that house, and all my family have left this city to live many miles away. They have been gone for over 10 years now.

I see the funny side in this now. I could not wait to leave this sleepy place, I did not care for the family values, the schools close by, this was the lifestyle I did not choice.  Well actually I did. Turns out Ivan at 20 was not that party guy, he did want the trees and his own family ( that’s William and our two cats).

you can run but you never forget we’re you started.

Couple of weeks back William ask me if I knew my old family house was for sale? William has never seen the inside of this house so this week we stopped by as the agent sold us our house, and gladly allowed me to revisit my childhood home.

I was not expecting my reaction at all. The Wooden front door in all its grandness was a lot bigger than I remember, the kitchen was new, but the rest of the house was very much the same. And as I walked around I was overcome with sadness and proper tears. Life has changed and I do miss that my siblings and parents no longer live in this city, but I think what really got me all choked up was seeing Williams face and reaction to suddenly being in the house I grew up. It was now another piece in the puzzle of my life.


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