Catch up.

Life has been good, bad,indifferent, but mostly good.

We went to Australia very suddenly, Williams best friend was getting married he had initially said no, however the week of the wedding we booked and headed off for a long flight actually flights for the wedding.  In his wisdom William had got us business class seats which mad the difference for those many hours we were in transit. Great wedding and a short visit to the land down under.  I have fortunate been to Australia before on a three occasions.  William was amazed and would like to go back for a longer time.


On our way back we stayed in Sydney. The hotel had a small bath and the water pressure was not brilliant.  This was incredibly frustrating for William who as you may know is a bath person. The more I suggested he have a shower, the more determined he was to bath.  Hence this photo.


William is a real man man, and in saying this I do not want to offend anybody. He also just happens to be GAY.  It takes many of us all individuals to make this planet a better place. Back to William. I actually sometimes wonder about him being gay (kidding) as well, he has no sense of colour, very boring safe clothing choices, he is just very William. Most gay men I know are so different from each other so the sterotype of gay is just in our minds due to the Gay community getting bad press. So William actually does not notice many things that I do, he does not follow the media trail on celebrities, etc. And to be frank that’s one of the biggest attractions I have about him besides his sexy butt and that not so flat stomach. Saying all this, William knows how to deal with my personality and my highs and lows. Being 24/7 with someone on a trip can bring out the worst in you. We proved them wrong.

Work had been chaotic with all number of changes, however we still not seeing the light and business needs to change for the future to be more certain. Our two cats are doing good, causing havoc each day and filling this home with love and laughter.

later. Ivan


11 thoughts on “Catch up.

      1. I’m not the biggest fan of flights either, especially long ones. William’s butt certainly gets a lot of appreciation from you I see.

  1. Thank you for the update Ivan. I’m glad that you’re both good and had the time for a mini-get-away to Australia. Great photos, thanks for posting them here! Much love and many naked hugs! 🙂

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