Just the two of us.


Last weekend we had a house guest. Was good for both William and myself, however we  felt very uneasy, in a good way. Our normal routines for weekends are very must just us and we just get on with what we want to.  Now our morning ritual is coffee and watching some tv in bed, I usually read the news on my iPad. So William was up bright and early and made us a huge cooked breakfast, the one morning. I then did this as well the following morning.

It was good having someone staying with us for part of the weekend and the holidays. However just made us more aware how we are not geared for this on a normal basis.  Both William and myself have our own bathrooms, and for William he is very territorial about his bath. Got me thinking how selfish we actully are and also how incredibly comfortable we are with each other and accustomed to one another’s behavior.  William is very routine driven and a neat freak.  I can be nerdy about how things are packed, and dislike clutter in all forms.


This is weekend we have literally not left the house. Had no visitors and that the way I prefer it. Now due to the fact that we had a house guest last weekend, we felt liberated.  William has the habit of running a bath, and then walking around the house naked, waiting for the bath to fill up. Unlike myself, he sometimes sleeps commando. This is not sexually charges at all, just how comfortable we are with each other. ( I will post a blog on sex in long term relationships soon )

Saturday William was working from home. He has set up the home office that he can remotely access his office and the network. I did some washing and for the first time in months washed our cars, and that to be frank I enjoy it, as I find this very therapeutic. William had suggested we go to the local Italian restaurant for a meal, however I had other plans and make a great roast chicken, roasted veggies and some extras.  I also then saw that we as two people only, had used up most of our coffe cups, i have the habit of putting a used cup straight into the dishwasher. To outsiders we lead a very different life. Who cares I like just us.  Ivan

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