Making an effort in a realtionship.


The way I see it, sometimes when you have been in a realtionship for a couple of years, you tend to not make an effort. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable, you can walk around in those baggy sweat pants and those tshirts that have bleach stains and maybe a whole or two around the house. Yes you can. However this is not the same for your hair, get it cut regularly, get your back waxed, cut your nails etc etc.  look after your apperence not just for the other person but for yourself. Over weekends you can get up and ignore the slept in hair, but brush your teeth, shower, change your tshirts at least once over the weekend. Make an effort to get good undewear, tshirts, sleepwear if you sleep in that. Wear aftershave on a Saturday when you not planning on going out.  Let your partner see you for who you are but not a total slob who cannot take care of your own appearance. Just because you been together for awhile is no excuse not to look good and well taken of. familiarity is truly amazing but make an effort.

Make an an effort for a date night, an extra special meal in the middle of the week, leave a post it with a hallmark message that reads like a teenager in love. Any effort will go a long way.  Put candles on the dinning room table, run a bath with lots of girly stuff in it. Don’t take anything for granted.  Ivan

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