Clearance. Stuff we collect.


A couple of weeks back, I decided I needed to clear out all the “stuff” we no longer use. Stuff that I have collected.  I am not a hoarder, I just like stuff, new stuff, I am a shopper. In the same sentence I prefer clinical environments. The kitchen in our home has very little on the counter tops. However I seemed to have collected three coffee machines, the pod one, the Italion one, and the latest pod one just because I liked the look of it.  Now before you judge me, this has been over a period of nearly 9 years. However that does not justify my actions of buying these. We only use one. William is incredibly patience with me, when I purchase household stuff. However this  weekend I realise that I have accumulated my own share of stuff. I took all of this out of the cupboards, the linen, the kitchen appliances etc. and suddenly when it’s all unpacked you see it for what it is. I need to use the new linen, start using the blenders, it canot be stored and not used. In so doing I have also seen how I complicate my own life.

I enjoy shopping, however I am not that Person who buys only branded goods. Strangely that’s William. Most of the stuff was bought as it was needed except for the coffee machines, that’s just a weakness for kitchen gadgets.

I have truly put away what it is needed and packed the rest. Having lived in the same house for the period we have, you do collect. Both William and myslef do not hoard, we both very similar in that we cannot leave anything lying around. The post must be put into the study, the kitchen must be cleared and cleaned before we go to bed, the towels must be hang up, the clothes in the dryer have to be folded and put away when it beeps. This may be OCD, but it’s order.

The need for new, the latest, the most advanced, has been my slave at times. My weakness. This weekend I have repacked this house, packed away what it needed and the rest must be given away or sold.  William initially thought this project was going to be  too time consuming for this weekend. within the first couple of hours, we both could see how overdue this was. William still has cupboards of clothes, and I still have mine and an extensive collections of watches, and maybe shoes! But our home is now relatively cleared of stuff that actully was just complicated our lives.

It’s as if I have a renewed excitement for Closets! Plenty of well, neatly, packed closets and some empty ones, if anybody wants to come OUT.  Ivan

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