Got me thinking. !!

How much stuff do we actully need.  I am referring to all the possessions we surround ourselfs with. Gadgets, household appliances, electronic goods, furniture, clothes and we could go on and on. It seems that as much as I try not to clutter and have accumulated ‘stuff”. Clothes for example, I have enough work shirts to last me a good 5 weeks. I however do not have that many pairs of jeans. William on the other hand has lots of clothes, as he does not like getting rid of clothes. He still has some shirts when when first met. He sleeps in a shirt that has stood the test of time. Do we need all this stuff. We both tend to like all the latest appliances and have over time accumulated lots of household appliances, computers etc. we do recycle all the replacements by handing them on to others in need.

But do we need all this, we have 2 sets of towels for each of our three bathrooms. Is this necessary. This weekend I really just thought on making a list of things we don’t use anymore. The list is actully not that long. We do use all our appliances, enjoy all our clothes and as william pointed out we do live clutter free and are both obsessive out neatness. I have passes on a habit to William, that when we make a cup of tea or coffee we use a clean cup. Laziness not to sure. So my project for the next two weeks is to take all the stuff we not using and place it in the spare room. Maybe I am cleaning my brain of something’s I feel weight me down.


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