The first time I saw you.

It was was just a Monday evening, it ended as a very extraordinary night.

You were too young. You stood high, you are tall.

I never thought I would see you again.

You said I was arrogant.

Handsome, I knew you had to be a player.

I wanted to leave, you asked me to stay for one more drink.

I fought this feeling too hard. You were not my person.20130901-085854.jpg

I wore suits, you are jeans. I was a city boy, you were a country boy.

This could never be. You stalked me, persisted, never gave up.

Within 5 months, you Closed the door, locked it and left your bachelor digs behind.

The next 2 years in my apartment, were filled with parties, dinner parties, wild nights. Peaceful quiet evenings and  weekends of just us. You graduated. We wanted a house, but instead we got this home. It’s filled with all our own stuff. This was never my plan. And here I sit in this beautiful home, filled with you in every way. Never did I dream that faithful Monday, I would be living this amazing life. This home has over the years seen many changes, the only constant has been us.

Four year after we met, you started abusing alcohol more and more, life soon spiraled out of control. Those sleepless nights waiting for you to come home, to get the call to pick you up. I became numb, you left rationalizing or making sense. On one very peaceful autumn Sunday night both our life’s changed. You blacked out got into a fight and it was rock bottom.

That Monday morning I detested you, I hate yor behavior, I had also lost the person I first met.


The year ahead of us was tough, we even decided to call it a day. I started going to AlAnon meeting and suddenly I felt no more guilt. I actually had to date a brand new person, who was sober. It’s been 6 years now of a sober life for us both.

We have travelled the world, have adopted two amazing cats. We have a life. I have the most amazing life, you see the person I first met, I never thought would be this person. How wrong was I. You love me, respect me allow me to be. We work. We are partners, lovers and above all my person I can go to.

You now work incredibly hard at a company that appreciated you and you are one intelligence man. And I still think after all of this have one sexy butt.


thank you William. Ivan

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