Screaming. And screaming some more.


it takes all types of people, personalities, religions, sexual orientations, to make this world. We are all an individual. What I personally do not like as a Gay Man, are the individuals who play the gay card ALL THE TIME. Should something not go their way, it’s a gay thing at a checkin at an airport, they causing a scene because they are not allowed more than the designated one carry on bag, basically in most situations they play the gay disadvantaged drama. Don’t get me wrong, we all have situations were we get frustrated and do speak up. My point, is that certain people just blame being gay on all the self inflicted drama.  It’s actully usually to do with there own insecurities, lack of abilities or the simply want or need for attention, special treatment.  Now in the GayVillage we have many different characters and we must tolerate all our fellow Gay’s  and everybody else. This not an exclusive club. Many gay men and women have lead very successful lives, achieved greatness without using that damn “I am Gay” feel sorry for me tactic.

I do not intent to talk badly about  anybody who reads this, or intentionally want a heated ugly debate, but my point is we are all equal and this I am The Only Gay behavior, gives all the other gay men and women a bad impression. that’s the way I see it, and that’s why I am gay and with a man. It’s nobodies business actully, so I will not allow myself to feel disadvantages, special, or excluding from life.


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