The comfort of familiarity.


I am not the most comfortable confident person, when it comes to my body, my own esteem. William is not the easiest person, neither am I as well. However it did take me a long time to have the confidence to bath, or shower with the door open. I can now even walk around our home naked. With time we have become very comfortable and the familiarity of each other does make me a more confident person. I even don’t mind the odd picture taken of my nakedness.

Today I had to go to get some shopping done for the house. I shop in a very bizarre fashion, I must purchase even numbers, cannot take three tubes of toothpaste for example, must be 2 or 4. However I know what William uses to shave with, what soap he uses, what brand of cleaning materials he prefers.

The familiarity is very comforting and also trying to understand someone is exhausting. Change in any form genuine scares William. With familiarity we can become very complacent, the way I see it, never take anything for granted and always make a conscious decision to be in the moment fully motivated and fully committed. Ivan


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