Life can be so complicated. .

20130610-195925.jpg Life re can be so complicated or do we make it complicated.  The reason for my questioning and this post is due to events of last week.  William, being all reason, a planner, and very adult, decided we needed to get all our matter into place.  This involved all our financial matters being addressed, financial planning, our wills, and our partnership agreement. We consulted a lawyer and a financial planner.  This whole event sacred me as we had to make some serious decisions. We had to confront the possibility of death, both our own also in the event of us both passing way together. As I said, not a very pleasant thought. However we had to do this. Being an adult sometimes takes all the fun out of life.  However it’s all part of life. Nothing gloomy just reality. Being William, every detail is attended to, all possibilities explored, and without any disagreements we reached consensus on all. My biggest question was, what can my legacy be when I am no longer here? Being a gay man, I think people have this conception that we must leave our assets, money to our relatives. Even when you have a partner. WTF.   Williams main focus to be honest was w will look after our animals? And who will get all the Apple products, no kidding. So last last week we signed all the documents needed.  When money is involved, both William and myself have learnt not to argue or try to compete on who may have more or less.  This we both learnt early on after we got relationship counseling. I still have one big question, should we actully get legally married?  Does this change anything, or are we afraid of the unknown, maybe commitment.? Too many questions, however one thing I acknoweldge is that gay marriage is now legal and has so many benefits. Ivan

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