How I miss the city.


I lived in the city on my own since the age of 18, eventually having my own apartment high up. This place was not a huge sprawling apartment like we see in the movies. It was a two bedroom, with the second bedroom really being a place for one single bed and a desk and that was all. The biggest plus was that it had two bathrooms a full one and one with a shower. I loved that place. However when William moved in, the space began closing on us. We had a decent balcony that mesmerized us with the views and the city lights.
Much to Williams resistance we decided to move to a bigger place. This lead us to this house. William spotted a house on the net, and it was the first place we went to see. We meet at another show house en route to collect the agent to visit the house we liked. We never got there as the house we met the agent, actually was the house we bought. It was not ticking any of the boxes we had as our criteria. Manly the price and the size. It also was not in the area we thought we wanted to relocate to. How life has one sense of humor.

Prior to us selling my apartment, William bought an apartment in the same building we were staying. It was a run down one bedroom unit. The price was way below the market value. It needed some serious work. However that work was not structurally, but just fixing cupboards replacing counter tops and redoing the tiling in the bathroom. The original floors were in perfect condition after we removed the carpets. William renting this place out and we have actually just kept this arrangement going as we seldom have to be the landlords and fix anything. This is the second tenant over an 8 year period. She approached William last night with a proposal to buy it. Price is right and maybe the time is right for us.

Deep down knowing that William may sell this, leave me with the sense that we have no more connection to our wonderful city life. But life must move on. Ivan.

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