Are we becoming antisocial?

Over the last couple of years we see less and less people, especially at our home.  Many factors contribute to this. One been that since William stopped drinking friends become fever, secondly we had a family member from Williams side stay with us for over a year. It was not a good experience. he had his own bedroom and bathroom, but invaded our space. Our house is big, but just having so one in your space and having to entertain or even just interact with was painful at times.

Maybe be we have become so acustomed to just us. I am honest when I say I sometimes do have people over for a meal etc, and afterwards realise that we all have little in common.  Our gay friends are living a very differnt life to us. The clubs, parties, social get togethers and we do not feel part of them.  Why do people think that a gam man must know all about decoration, fashion labels etc etc.  William may be the one of many gay men who has no clue about decorating or buying the 25000 thread Egyptian linen. He does however know a lot more about others things. I can be camp at times, but am mainly very serious and don’t play games.  I am very closed and little people know the real me.  William actully is very20130601-091226.jpgrantisocial in large groups.  However we both are so comfortable with each other and that all we need.  Call us grey, vanilla, boring.  Hermit even.  Ivan

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