The way I see it. Joint bank accounts..


Being in in a relationship does have a lot of benefits, irrespective of the relationship been good, bad, brilliant or even dysfunction. Now I am not saying that bad realtionships are good, quiet the opposite. When you are in a partnership, living together the benefits financial can be amazing. The biggest question is, is that why many couples stay together, due to the financial “security”?  I am aware of many women and men, who are in very abusive relationships were physical abusive as well as emotional torture is the norm.  They stay together mainly because of money, as they cannot afford to move out. Now that’s a completely new topic. One that is very close to my heart as I was involved in a charity that looked after women and children who saw more violence than is imaginable.

From my own life, it’s great having a joint account. The reason we choice this was when we bought this house. We have a joint mortage, bank loan. We don’t split costs and have each taken different responsibilities for both of us. I pay the insurances for the house and the cars as the policies are in my name. William has hired the services of people who maintain the gardens, he also has sorted the satellite TV. So in a way we have split certain of the domestic, house hold, responsibilities, and who is responsibility for those.  It all still gets paid from one bank account. It works out so well for us. In the early days I was looking after all of this, it’s was a recipe for disagreements  and endless arguments. Money can cause lots of tension in any relationship.

The benefits for us is that it’s all transparent and we very honest about money. I do have a tendenciusy to do lots of shopping for stuff around the house.  William has never complained about this, he may just say that we have limited funds due to us having replaced, or fixed something in a month. I am the spender in our world.  That’s why I say I got luckly. William also a slight obsession with Apple products and so if he is upgrading or replacing, I know it’s his thing and let it be If we have to replace major appliances William seldom will give the red card. We both enjoy the whole world of gadgets.

Being together means we could afford this house and did suffer for a number of years to just survive, however it was a home we both wanted. A and it’s worked out incredibly well.  A joint account, does not take away my manliness, disempower me, or Result in me having lost my identity. Two incomes sure can give you an amazing sense of financial unity and trust. Not all the people I know, have joint accounts, and if that works so be it.

Lasly we both earn very equally to rack other and that’s a huge plus.  Took us a couple of trying times to reach this point in our life.

The way I see it, Monet can be the root of all evil if you allow it.  Ivan

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