QUESTION: What is an acceptable age difference in a relationship.


So so what is an acceptable age difference in a relationship?

Some high profile gay men are involved with younger men, so you do see the pictures splashed over the tabloids and the web.  Sometimes the age difference is so blatant, and it’s looks more like dad and son.

So we all thinking it, what’s the attraction.

Could it be money or holding onto your youth. Now I am couple of years older than William, he was 19 going onto 45 when I met him. I was 24. We also experienced difficulties with this age difference. When I wanted to stay home, William wanted to party the nights away. I knew about mortgages, credit card debt, William knew more about music than I ever will know. Luckily for us the physical attraction and sex drive was the same. Now when you look at relationships with a ten year to twenty year age difference, it actully is important how old you are when you are in these relationships. At 20 you have a lot of living to do, when at 30 you hopefully are wiser and more comfortable with yourself.  So what’s your answer to this?


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