A great deed, indeed.


It’s seems that each day I loose my faith in people, and as I get older I need less approval from others. Now I am being very general and its “Just as I see it”.
I have always been an animal lover, grew up with lots of puppies and dogs. My first cat adopted me when I moved into an apartment years back. This cat passed away last year and this left a huge void in both our life’s. William convinced me to adopt another rescue nearly two months back. We got a very sweet little kitten, who was named Kenza, she now rules the house.
A couple of days back I read one of my favorite bloggers new post about his new cat. Link below.

Now what I find remarkable and admirable about this post was that they adopted an adult cat. These cats are usually overlooked for smaller, cuter kittens. Keith you are a true hero in my eyes, and I know that you will give this four legged furry person an amazing home and life. Support all animal rescue places, PLEASE.


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