Keys and more keys


I love Sunday’s, lazy days, sleeping late, and we usually make a good old traditional Sunday meal. No take outs allowed.

Today was no different, until William asked if I knew were the key was for our one gate outside. I remember putting it in the safe, with other spare sets of keys. Not one of my best efforts, as I did not label any of them. Turns out we have a fair share of keys. I spend some time labeling them and have now put the spare one’s back in the safe and the rest are all linked up neatly in the inside of the one cupboard.

So this got me thinking, are we over complicated our lives with all these keys, remote controls. We all need to open and shut our lives not just with keys, but emotionally and physically. Do I sometimes not understand the whole concept of closing the door within myself, as when we close a door we keep out the heat/cold, unwanted visitors, protect ourself from harm, protect our treasured possessions. So when I was sorted out the keys for the house, I can try to lock out my dark place (depression) My Dark Place

Just us the keys serve a very specific purpose and more importantly only a specific key unlocks a door or lock, so are we all so unique that one key does not unlock/fix all.


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