It’s been an amazing journey so far.


Williqm and myself have been together for 11 years now. I am approaching my mid thirties. And it’s been one journey, good bad, ugly, beautiful, calm, boring funny and above all we still standing next to each other.

My holidays were spend on flights, hire car and my family. All in alll was a crappy time. I am not religious and all to your own, to me it’s just a time we all attend the local church as a family, or as many of us that are spending the holidays with my parents. My parents have a largest house, however it’s not suitable for all the family guests. It’s not your own home and you have to put on that happy smiley face dawn to dusk. Not all bad but I still feel very much the outsider.

On on my return William had one of his family staying with us. She is from his small home town. Was great for the short time  she spend with us. On her departure, william cleaned the spare room and guest bathroom as normal, however he filled up the bath tub in his bathroom so that we could spend some alone time. Seems that absence does make you a lot more appreciated. William is not the most romantic man, however he surprises me often, with lots of gestures and thoughtful acts of love and kindness.

So after 11 years you may ask how our love life is. It’s still very passionate, emotional, deeply intimate and close. We are so accustomed with each other, however one thing William has always done is treat me respectfully and damn that guy has manners. We relish when we can ramble around this house just the two of us. The way I see it we LIKE being with each other, we may not talk or be with each other 24/7 but just the fact that I am in the study and he may be in the TV room is good enough for me.


Over the holidays I read a couple of good books. One talked about open relationships and how it’s keeps then together. Well I ain’t that person, the pure thought of being with someone just scares me, the awkness and the only reason is sex. As you get older the sex gets better and the longer you with someone the more trust you have and yes, you not neewbies in a relationship so the initial passions is cooled. However when I see William asleep of wearing his loose jeans, I sense that person more than ever. William is still a very sexy man in my eyes. His tall and pretty well build. Be that the fact that his stomach may not be the flat board it use to be. He is still able to just touch me in passing and I do get that fussy feeling. On the other side of this is the normal routine boring day to day life. Taking out the garbage, cleaning the cat box, unpacking the dishwasher and all those tasks that you have to do to keep your home running.

William know me so well and got me great undewear for the holidays


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