The holidays, the way I see it.


With the the holiday approaching, I a getting into a panic., I fly our on Tuesday. getting the red eye. Off to spend some time with my parents the thought of all those fellow commuicaters. The mad session, the long queue, not very exciting . I have to hire a car from the airport to drive about a two hour drive, people, traffic I think you get the picture. It’s a four hour flight,,this means william must drop me off early. I find this time of year stressful. I am not the best flyer, but will suck it all up seeing my parents should be good.they have make so many plans.,I hust just get my mind right. William is not coming with.he believes it workes our that way. His family will be joining him for the day or so. Stocked up the fridge with all kings of great food It workd for us best with just us being with ourselfs. Of well it is what it is.

Does the stress of traveling and all the preparation damper the holiday!

I am am no fan

Happy holidays all ivan

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