It’s a bulge get over it!!!!!!


Hopefully, you’ve come to the realization that buying and wearing the right underwear should be fairly easy. If you’re torn between styles, colors or fabrics, take a step back and remember that, at the end of the day, the person the underwear affects most is you.

Wear what looks the best on you, but more importantly, wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Now saying this, women freely talk about the size of the bra, the fit the too much information share. But when we as men don’t talk about the size of our goods. It’s not a sexual thing, but a reality. If you ask the person at the department store if they stock underwear for the bigger package, they hit on you or get nasty. Facts size does matter when you getting underwear. One size does not fit all…

I need undies that do not squash my junk…

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