Grey Hair.


William has dark brown hair and he has good hair. In the sense that he has no receding hair line. He has great hair. However last week we were in the garden with the new kitten, and I saw grey hair, and not just one or two.  It’s actully suits him. Now this is not about vanity, and all that crap. It’s about age. We all get older. And some actully get wiser but never loose the inner person, the funny guy, the joker, the whatever we are as a person

We cannot stop the ageing process and some may choice to hide it, Botox it. Why!  I still have not understood the obsession many people have with trying to look younger than they are, dressing like reborn teenagers. You actully look stupid. We can wear our age well, and with class. So we may all have some grey hairs, some lines on our face, and in this youth obsessed world it’s hard not to be pressured to use all those products that promise you will look like a run way model. I do take care of myself but not to the point that I will have facial fillers etc.

But that me, and we all can make decisions of our own.20130315-210017.jpg

the reason William is getting grey hairs maybe because of me or in honestly his job. William is in the IT industry.  He is on the technical, development, new projects side. This is what he studied, he did more studies a couple of years back for accreditation with one of the world leaders in software. Objectively, he is incredibly intelligent, smart, organized and painfully obsessive.  It’s a very stressful career, as the world is now expecting updates on yesterday technology today. More complex applications, and the world is reliant on digital, computers, Information Tecknology, etc.

So who who is this person with the Greying hair. Physically, he is tall well built, with a great ass. I am short legged…  Obsessive, and driven by routine, an addict who has been sober for nearly 6 years. Very detailed, organized, loves gadgets, and has the biggest heart for animals. William does not like change, he procrastinates on decisions. Overthinks many things. Is actully not a very material obsessed person. But the most important trait of Williams is his manners, he always thanks me for anything I do, shows respects, and treats me very well. He never takes things for granted. Both of us will always look out for others who are in need. William also has a bad side, were he can be in bad moods and shows it. He is not a morning person, and the best is to leave him be.

I ain’t not angel and I think I can be high maintenance, as I am always energetic and doing projects, and I do lack patience. William gets me and allows me to be me. We very seldom argue over money, as this I belive is a major factor in lots of relationships breaking down. We have our own spaces. One thing that we both belive in is honestly and being monogomous. I don’t get open relationship, but hey who am I to comment on this.

So as I see the grey hair, I realise that this person has actully had a profound effect on my live. It’s not always being picture perfect, it’s been real. When people use to say to me time has gone by so fast, I use to laugh. I laugh no more. We’re has the time gone. I never thought that William would be my person, to witness my life, how wrong was I. He has this wholesome good looks, yet seems so differnt from anybody I had ever met. I knew many things he did not, yet he had wisdom, an innocent soul, a trusting person who had very little scars from life, a presence. When he walked into a room, the party would start, he is actully a very shy person who hides from the spotlights. One complex person with a hard shell that was difficult to to crack.

thanks William.


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