The way I see it, cracked lenses.


William very seldom notices many things. I say that with honestly, and it’s a quality I admire. I notice things that bug me, like the glasses not all facing the same way. So out of the blue, William was watching a tv series and admires the car. An Audi A8. He promptly tells me so much about this car, and when I say do you want one, he says no it’s too big. For William to be so enthusiastic about a car, is a big deal. He already drives an Audi, after we replaced his after a bad accident a couple of years back. Just shows you actually don’t really know something, each day is an adventure.

I have made a very sober and serious decision, to “un-family” from one of my brother and his family. The ultimate cause is that people cannot fix my live or control it. Has made me incredibly sad, but I see no way forward.

As it is, I am trying to master a normal relationship with my family, long distance the strain has resulted in them actually not even visiting me in our home that we now live in. It’s become the norm that I travel out to visit. Don’t feel sorry for me, it’s just what it is. I choice to make my own way, and stay in this city I was born in. That’s it. They all moved before I met William so I have created our family and that all I need. Audi or no audi.


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