The reality of a a relations, the way I see it.


So you found that one person who seems to be ONE. You move in, it’s Heaven. Not the nightclub. Tye first year or two itis a highly charged very intense relationship. Trying to figure out the other person. He is grumpy in the morning. You are trying to be the domestic goddess. But who are you both. Time tells. Then when you living together it’s gets strange, those daily tasks of washing, packing the dishwasher, cleaning the house. Keeping all house and finding your feet in your new home you may share.


For or me it was tough in away. I like the good linen, the good dinnerware, the excess of having stuff. The other person what’s the house to resemble an istore.  And one morning you wake up and realize this is Your Life. The boring part is doing The washing, packing that dishwasher, cooking, keeping house.  Well to be frank is anything but boring. It’s routine, and it can be fun. William has taken over the duty of washing the clothes. We have an outside laundry room. It’s his thing. Mine is putting all the stuff in very specific order. I cannot handle 5 glasses in a cupboard. I have to have even numbers. In the big picture it’s our home that we both love. After 11 years together is working. I am nearining my mid 30’s william is a could of years younger. We have created a home a routine all that domestic goddess dreams are actually so different. We just have found the balance. Boring to some but the reality is we need clean linen once a week. I need to look the part at work so clothes must be washed. To some this may sound dead boring. To us it show we roll. We found that we work more together on this.

So many may say we grey, well for them it may be. We love being just us over weekends and this closeness is good for us.  And who said that your love life becomes routine, boring, gray, not for me.  Ivan

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