Money. What is your legacy.?


One thing we are all certain of is death. What will be your legacy, and what do we leave behind. Some it may be fame, fortune, humanitarian work, charity, hate or nothing. We all now leave a carbon footprint in the digital world, facebook, text messages, Google history, email accounts, dating sites, etc.

My question is did I make a difference, in one other persons life, in many, and was this a positive effect. I will probably never have children, my family is distant. So what now. Both william and myself have very small hearts when it comes to animals, great charity drives and people in need. Not only in monetary terms but in giving in general. Now I want no medals for this, it’s just who I am.

All fuzzy, well not so much. The reality of what we leave behind can become the centre of hate, greed, when it’s the material things we have created and monies we have or have not accumulated. William and myself are both each other’s beneficiaries, and we have the power of rights over each other. That may sound morbid, reality this may need to be executed when need be. In the law I am williams spouse, and partner. However maybe my family may challenge that.y


Without going into too much detail, I am seeing the ugly side of what we leave behind. One of my siblings is seeing the dollars, and not common sense. It’s as if it’s the right to GET and Grab what’s actually not theirs. It’s left  me in a very difficult position, however rather now than later. Money corrupts many of us. And the irony is that they actully are incredibly successful and mainly due to my family.

William has been quiet about this, however he could no longer be silent. He has listened and suggested I just remove myself from this. I am now no longer in contact at all with my siblings and their entire family. I will not be apart of this. William and myself have actully made a decent life for ourselfs. We both are successful if this is gauged on the dollar scale. We have a home of our own and without souding like a dick, are very greatful for what we have. I am still torn by the fact that children can be so different, I was the youngest. The rebel, the gay one. The one who never really conformed to the rules.

i am wiser, less wild. Still a confused gay Jewish/Christain man. That Catholic or is it Jewish guilt is less each day. A wannabe domestic goddess or modern Martha Steward, or is that James Bond. And I still live with the Country Boy with one hellava a cute butt.  Screw this,  I am Ivan and my legacy I hope will be more than a Kardashiam sex tape, and maybe as profound as what I belive in. Ivan


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