Sleep. I need you.


Of late I have not been sleeping very well. I usually wake up in the middle of night, wide awake. The end result is that I am now sleep deprived. Not sure why I am battling to sleep. William usually sleeps very well, however he also wakes up when I a tossing and turning. Sometimes in the mindst of this we both just get up and just watch tv or have a chat or sometimes have some PG fun.

Sleep and myself have also had a bad relationship. It’s just the way it is I guess.

Do we over analysis too much and maybe we must just sometimes accept what it’s really all about. May lack of sleep is just due to the fact that I am just not that person who can sleep 8 hours. Sleep when we are having a hurricane, a bad rain storm or the Neighbours are playing loud music. The way I see it, maybe we can all complicate our lives by making events and facts more than what they actually are.


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